CMaps Analytics

Embed Geospatial

Visualizations in Webi

Visualize any Geography

From custom global territories down to street level views, CMaps Analytics includes Google Maps accuracy and quality.

Flexible Fully Customizable Visualizations

Leverage Webi 4.2 brand new custom elements features to customize your map for dashboard-like features.

Print-friendly maps

From interactive reporting to pixel perfect printed / bursted PDF reports, we have you covered.

More Geospatial Extensions for SAP

Do you want to embed maps in other SAP and SAP BusinessObjects products? No problem!

Important Features Geo Maps
Extension Embedded Element SAP Geo Map Visual
Minimum version of SAP BusinessObjects required  BI4.1 SP06 + BI4.2 SP03 + BI 4.1 +
Embed in Webi Report  No Yes Yes
Link Map with other Visuals  No No (awaiting support from SAP) Yes
Printing Support  No Yes Yes
Mobile App Support  No  No (awaiting support from SAP) Yes
Base Maps / Streets  Google Maps Google Maps None
Satellite Maps  Yes Yes None
High Resolution Aerial photography  Yes Yes None
Street View  Yes Tes Not supported
Visualization Overlay Types  Point, Text, Density Map, Bubble, Clustered Points
Country, province, zip US + Canada), county (US),Custom Regions
Point, Text, Density Map, Bubble, Clustered Points
Country, province, zip US + Canada), county (US)
Bubble, Point, Pie, Country, Province
GIS layers  Yes No
Future planned support
Custom regions / territories  Yes No
Coming Soon
Advanced Visualization Layers  Yes No No
Geo Services included geocoding, streetviewGeocoding, Batch geocoding, streetview, admin boundary data Geocoding, Batch geocoding, streetview, admin boundary data Geocoding up to 100,000 largest cities
Drillable Maps  Yes No Webi Drilling and Linking
Multiple Layers No
Coming soon
Basic Admin Boundaries Included  Countries, States, Zip and County (US Only) Countries, States, Zip and County (US Only) Countries, States
Analysis Widgets No
Coming soon
Batch Geocoding Yes Global support Limited to top 100,000 cities
Proximity Clustering Yes Yes No
Extend Integrations with API  Yes No No
Spatial multi-selection  Yes No No
Search  Yes No No
Traffic and Drive Time Calcs  Traffic layer Traffic layer None
Icon Styling Over 40 styles Over 40 styles 2 icon styles icon, bubble and pie chart.
Directions  No No No
Choropleths  Yes Yes Yes
Conditional Formatting  Yes Yes – With Webi Formulas Yes

Pricing and Licensing

License Type:

Annual subscription: CMaps Analytics is licensed as an annual subscription and provides access to premium services including Google Maps tiles, high resolution imagery, street view, administrative area data geocoding and data point geocoding.

License Tiers: CMaps Analytics is tiered based on annual page views which is estimated by total number of users, or if avaialble Web Intelligence utilization statistics.

Pricing: CMAps Analytics subscriptions start at $4000 USD / year.

CMaps Analytics for Webi Includes:

  • Access to CMaps Analytics Element
  • Install on multiple internal environments (production, development, stage, etc)
  • No limits on Webi users
  • Build unlimited maps inside of Webi Reports