Webi Embedded Element Release Notes

Enhancements and Fixes

2.0.0 Release
Addition of advanced InfoWindow widget properties
Hover tooltips
Upgraded geocode caching for improved performance
Fixed layer titles from “Basic Points” to Location dimension name
Advanced Infowindows Widgets for Sort, Analysis, Filter, and Export, Search
Added geocoded regions – US Metro Areas, 115 Congressional Districts

1.3.2 Release
Applied fix for color codes not properly displaying.

1.3.1 Release
Added render delay for printing maps

1.3 Release
Added support for printable maps

1.2.1  Release
Resolved issue for BI4.2 SP04 support

1.2  Release
Resolved bug with not binding values causing blank map
Resolved bug with colors data with “#” not changing color of points or polygons
Resolved max icon size from 20. Now supports up to 100

1.1  Release
Bug- Fixed “Locationa: label to read “Location”
Changed default map name
Added new Regions Map type
Added new properties sheet for admin boundaries featuring region support for US County, US Zip, Country, Province/State, 115 US Congressional Districts, US Metro Areas, Canadian FSA (3 digit).

1.0.2 Release
Bug- URL to service not generated in IT
Bug- Test URL not working
Updated- Inline documentation

1.0.1 Release
Added version CMaps JS API version 4

1.0 Release
Resolved base map toggle bug
Resolved traffic layer enabled
Dynamic sizing

0.9.1 release
New Features:
Choropleth toggle

Turn clustering off fixed
Fixed traffic and transit layers
Global color selector fixed

0.9 release