Create your first map with CMaps Embedded Element for Webi

Download and Install CMaps

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Once you are logged into, go to the Extensions page and download the latest CMpas for Webi custom element.

Click here for the install guide(requires access to BusinessObjects server)

Create the Map

STEP 1: With the Webi Report in Design mode, go to the “Chart” ribbon, click on “More”

STEP 2: Click on “All Charts”


STEP 3: Select the CMaps Analytics chart. Though we recommend using CMaps Analytics, your admin can change the category.

DON’T SEE CMAPS?: Please review the administrator guide

STEP 4: In the Webi Canvas, move your mouse to the location where you want to place your map.

Add Data to your Map

STEP 5: Upon clicking you will see the Import Report Element dialogue.

Note: You may notice that CMaps Analytics could be named something different like “Advanced Maps.” Your BusinessObjects administrator may have changed the name of CMaps Analytics to make it more user friendly. capture5

Step 6 Select the data fields to populate the map.

NOTE: To view a map on the canvas you must define a Location at minimum.

Locations (required): Locations can be represented as a  comma separated latitude,longitude, address, or any other geographic locations that you would like to display as pins, regions, or other layer types.

If your report has Latitude and Longitude in different fields, you can use a custom variable to concatenate them into a single dimension with a comma seperator (see example screenshot). With this new custom variable, you can link this to the CMaps Analytics property.

Labels: Labels are displayed on the map when you select a pin or region.

Values: Values are numeric measures, utilized for the analysis and visualization options available in CMaps Analytics. You will bind this to a measure column.

Colors: Color codes to dynamically using color codes. Example: #00FFF

Step 7: Press OK

Your map will now appear

NOTE: To view a map preview your Webi must be in Design mode “with Data”.

Change the Map Appearance Properties

STEP 8: Move your mouse to the outer edge of the visualization until the mouse cursor changes and right click. OR change the Webi design mode to “Structure Only.” This will allow you to move the mouse anywhere on the map so you can right click.

arrowmap OR 

STEP 9:  In the right click menu, click “Format Custom Element


Step 10: In the Format Custom Element window, select area “CMaps Properties

CMaps Analytics Webi Properties

STEP 11: Change the style from standard to “Heatmap” and press “Apply” or “OK”

Your map will map redraw as a density map.

Feel free to explore other properties, and behavior options in using the following tutorials: