System Requirements for CMaps Analytics embedded Element for Webi

OS and Application Server Requirements:

CMaps Analytics Extension for Webi is a single WAR file service that provides the markup and Javascript files to Webi Intelligence. This WAR file is installed behind your firewall, typically on your SAP BusienssObjects server. This stateless web service requires no configuration, no database, and will have minimal if any footprint on your application server.

  • Windows or Linux
  • Tomcat Application Server only (Websphere upon request).

Support for BI4.2

BI4.2 SP3 and higher versions are supported.

Support for BI4.1

CMaps Analytics embedded elements is NOT supported for BI4.1. However, you can still use CMaps Analytics Webi Sidebar Extension for 4.1 which provides all of the same mapping capabilities. The only difference is it is not supported in the report canvas.