CMaps Webi Embedded Element Admin Troubleshooting

URL Does not Work in CMC when testing

Make sure there is no trailing “/” at the end of the URL

Contact CMaps Support and provide the URL you are using.

The Embedded Element Does not Appear on the Canvas

This could be a number of issues from invalid key, to improperly structured data. Please send your debug HAR file from you web browser (preferably Chrome).

How to Send CMaps Analytics Support a HAR Debug File:

Symptom: License Validation Failed – Gray Map

FIX: In most cases this is an expired trial license that requires extension. Please contact CMaps support to extend your key or log into CMaps Designer. IF you are able to log into CMaps Designer and your element still shows license failed, it is plausible someone else in your organization has installed the element and you will need to obtain your key. There are 2 ways to do this.. Log into the CMC to obtain your install URL as outlined in the Admin Guide. Or you can go to your CMaps Analytics install screen http://yourserver/cmapsanalytics

After an Upgrade the Map Shows Up Blank

In the event your map is completely blank it is possible that you have installed or re-installed CMaps element with a different service name. The best way to test is adding a second map to the canvas and see if it appears. SAP provides an ability to chose your element name, which can cause some issues if you have not used a consistent name across your environments. We recommend using “CMaps Analytics”, “Advanced Geo Maps” or “Google Maps” as the name of your element.


Printing maps results in empty or incomplete

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of CMaps Element that includes print render delay property – Released 6/5/2018
  2. Try increasing the render delay property
    View Tutorial: Printing Maps in Webi

Mobile Webi reports do not display the CMaps component

Webi custom elements are not currently supported for SAP Mobile BI App. This has been requested and available on Idea Place. Please help us and vote it up!

Symptom: Changing Webi Filter with Input Controls does not update map.

FIX: You may need to enable your input dependencies to update all of the report elements or at minimum the correct block. To view dependencies go to each prompt and click on the properties icon to view both properties and dependencies.