Webi Embedded Element Admin FAQ

Q: Where do I find my license / authentication key?
A:CMaps Analytics uses a public authentication key which is accessible from our secured CMaps Analytics connect portal: https://cmapsconnect.com/designerapp

Q:  How is CMaps Analytics custom element integrated with Webi?
A: CMaps Analytics is integrated through a new SDK created by SAP called custom elements. This SDK was first introduced with BI4.2 SP02 and upgraded substantially for BI4.2 SP03. CMaps Analytics is embedded inside of a custom element which is installed as a service and hosted behind your firewall. Pending upgrades to this service, future versions of CMaps custom element could be integrated without installing any software on your servers.

Q: Does CMaps Analytics custom element require additional servers or modification of existing files in BusinessObjects?
A: CMaps Analytics extensions does NOT require modification or over-writing any existing files in your BusinessObjects environment.

Q: Does the CMaps custom element for Webi need to be installed only on Development Environment?, or on ALL (DEV, TEST, PROD) BI4.1 Environments?
A: The Webi element should be installed on all environments.

Q: Once installed, does the access to Webi custom element have security to restrict who has access
A:Unlike CMaps Analytics extension for Webi, the custom element does not have the ability to set access to BusinessObjects user groups. Once it is enabled, CMaps custom element is avaialbe to any users who have report editing or viewing rights.

Q: Can I add more default templates to CMaps Analytics extension?
A:Currently the custom element is not customizable outside of the standard property sheet.

Q: How does user / data security work with the maps are connecting to the web?
A: CMaps Analytics does not transmit any data displayed on top of the Google Map. Please review the included security guide which explains how CMaps Analytics APIs and Google Maps ensure that your data is protected: http://cmapsconnect.com/security/