Welcome to our security and privacy center. The goal of this page is to provide 100% transparency to our security, privacy, and steps taken in our software design approach for cloud and on-premise software. For any questions or clarifications please email support@centigonsolutions.com

Centigon Solutions Security Principals

Centigon Solutions since 2009 has been a premier provider of extensions that merge cloud services like Google Maps into on-premise analytics apps. The design approach and consideration of customer data security, privacy, and uptime are considered at every phase and with every technology decision made. To reduce risk for customers and Centigon Solutions, our software is designed to be embedded within existing data and user security, along with pre-existing governance and access protocols already in place. Additionally, all embedded integrations follow documented guidelines and protocols for certification.

At this time, CMaps Analytics software is architected to display cloud maps services into on-premise, secured systems. As such, the storage, security, processing, and display of customer data occurs within existing systems. Listed in the official security guides for each CMaps Analytics solution is a detailed overview how CMaps Analytics works.

In each of the product-specific security guides below, you can explore detailed security specifications and better understand how data is downloaded from respective cloud mapping services, along with additional security measures put in place to ensure your investments in CMaps Analyitcs for your location intelligence initiatives are handled.


Official Security Guides

Website Privacy Policy

CMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Security Guide

CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Security Guide

CMaps Analytics Designer Security Guide

CMaps Analytics Geocoding Security Guide

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Minimum Required Domain Access

CMaps Analytics currently requires internet connectivity to run cloud based APIs behind your firewall or paywall. Access is only required on client devices (PCs, phones, etc). You do NOT need to grant server access to these domains, if you are hosting apps containing CMaps Analytics.
https://cmapsmanager.com – license server
https://api.cmapsanalytics.net – javascript API
https://cmapsanalytics.net – used for drive time and shapefiles
https://api1.cmapsanalytics.net – geocoding API
https://api3.cmapsanalytics.net – region geocoding API
https://gmapsplugin.net – web graphical assets.
Google specific domains:
For CMaps Webi Extension, CMaps Connect Designer, and Customer Portal / Learning Resources