Using Color Property in Webi

The color property in CMaps Analytics will accept hex codes for color, allowing you to control each point or region color using formulas. In this tutorial, we will show you a simple example how to set color dynamically using a Webi variable and link it to the map using a Webi variable.

These are Examples color codes CMaps Analytics is expecting.

#e83e3a = Red
#f2ae0a = Yellow
#23bb87 = Green

Where to link color data value:


Using a Formula to Change the Color Value:

Combining color codes with Webi formulas gives you complete control to color elements on the screen using Webi to control the alert logic.

The following example shows how we can use the contents of the Status field to drive the color of the map:


CODE EXAMPLE: This is the exact formula used in the above example:

=IF([Status]="Delinquent";"#e83e3a";If([Status]="At Risk";"#f2ae0a";"23bb87"))