How CMaps Analytics Embedded Element Works

CMaps Analytics new custom element for Webi Intelligence allows you to embed interactive maps right inside of your report canvas and transform report parts into geo mapping visualizations just like any other chart!

Connecting to Data

CMaps Analytics behaves like any visualization in Webi. Similarly data is assigned to the map out of the box. You can assign any geography from Latitude,Longitude, to country, zip, city and even address.

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Customize Map Behavior and Appearance

CMaps Analytics is built on top of CMapsAnalytics.js which is a powerful JavaScript library with hundreds of analytics focused features. Inside of Web Intelligence you can access configurable properties.

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CMaps Analytics Webi Properties


Printing Maps

In addition to interactive maps, you can also print maps and use PDF scheduling to ensure geospatial visuals are delivered inside of your reports.

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Supported Features

  • Embed maps on the canvas
  • Transform report parts into maps
  • Customize map properties
  • Multiple Maps in 1 report
  • Printable maps
  • Inbound element linking

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Non-Supported Features

  • Mobile views : Vote for this feature support
  • Outbound element linking- Currently Webi custom elements do not support Webi drilling and cross element linking when you select one or multiple points.

Additional Resources

Visit the CMaps Analytics for Webi Resource center for guides, tutorials and videos.

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