Building Momentum on SAP BusinessObjects Our origins as a company were built on a thriving user community and exploding technology adoption of dashboards, particularly with Xcelsius and SAP BusinessObjects. Our first maps product, GMaps Plugin, generated over 250 beta users in its first week and we never looked back! To this day, we still employ some of the original design patterns into our modern Location Intelligence solutions. Our first generation maps integration: tonnagedashboard VIEW DASHBOARD

Embracing Change

By 2013, we had collected over 150 enterprise customers using GMaps Plugin (now CMaps Plugin). That was additionally a time where we understood market dynamics and opportunities were changing: Data exploration hit full stride– In 2013, for the first time we saw large enterprise customers indicate a desire to move new analytics initiatives to Tableau and Qlik. Additionally, an explosion of innovative new BI solutions started flooding the market. HTML5 took off like a rocket ship – The platforms, utilities, and libraries for building quality experiences were maturing to the same levels as native mobile apps. Flash was well on its way out. AWS Leveled the cloud playing field– With Amazon AWS leading the way, cloud infrastructure as a service has leveled the playing field and opened the doors for customers and software providers big and small to innovate, accelerate and scale at incredible rates. OpenSource Rules Supreme– The impact of open source and open standards can’t be understated. Open source data, technology, and open standards has accelerated innovation.

CMaps Shift from Plugins to APIs and Apps

From 2014 through this year we have organically shifted our approach away from using on-premise platforms as a hub for development and innovation. CMaps Analytics is a new company built on the back of our founder’s success in Business Intelligence. We have worked ahead to develop our own cloud APIs for embedded Location Intelligence anywhere. Now, CMaps Analytics cloud is our hub for development and innovation, and we get to embed that investment back into platforms both on premise and cloud. The goal remains the same to simplify the process to not only combine business and geospatial information, but deliver answers and drive action through direct integration into business applications as well as BI. ARTICLE: One Maps API to rule them all is an article that describes our philosophy and approach. newstack Expanded reach with partnerships: Now, companies like Antivia (now owned by Insight Software) and vertical solution providers like nVision leverage CMaps Analytics as their maps API to deliver embedded Location Intelligence.

What’s Next for CMaps Analytics?

More connected people, devices, intelligent services, and higher expectations for real-time intelligence at all levels of an enterprise is the driving force to keep us moving forward with razor sharp focus on Location Intelligence.

1. Industry Solutions via Co-Innovation

Co-innovation with customers has kept our finger on the pulse for how enterprises want to use Location Intelligence. Our industry solutions and partnerships will expand our reach to automate processes and deliver immediate action through geospatial analytics in a variety of platforms like for segments like construction materials, and logistics. placeit-2

2. Expanded Partnerships using CMaps Analytics APIs

CMaps Analytics will soon deliver a common interface for most map vendors, allowing customers to re-use existing investments or work with CMaps Analytics team to choose the right partner based on enterprise’s needs. maps

3. Focus on Outcomes and a Clear Path to Adoption

Technology is an enabler but not necessarily THE solution. That is why we are investing in new services focused on process and education that lead to Location Intelligence. Technology wise, we are continuously streamlining and enhancing our APIs, adding new integrations, and finding new ways to build better mapping experiences. 1 2 3 4 Schedule a 15 min call and let us quickly highlight the best path for your mapping needs!

Look out for announcements on all of these fronts through the holiday season. We look forward to hitting the ground running together in 2017 and beyond!

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