CMapsAnalytics.js Progress CMapsAnalytics.js is our cloud API that now powers all CMaps Analytics extensions and partner integrations. After 3 years, hundreds of builds and thousands of dashboards, reports, and apps built, we have a rock solid foundation. 1. 18 updates and patches to CMapsAnalytics.js in the last 12 months. 2. Completed our move to serverless architecture in Q4 2017 reducing our overhead 83% while ensuring better global support and performance. 3. Released 40+ JS CodePen examples and continue to add new examples with each customer request

CMaps Analytics for SAP Moving forward

1. Continued support of CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards until the end of Adobe Flash 2. Narrowed CMaps Analytics extension lineup to focus solely on SAP to Web Intelligence. 3. Continued to support for partner created geo-spatial extensions and integrations including GeoSpatialPLUS for SAP Lumira Designer and Antivia DecisionPoint.

From BI to Advanced Geospatial Analytics

In upcoming weeks, we will share some amazing advanced geospatial analytics scenarios and industry offerings built for IOT, predictive, and advanced diagnostic analysis scenarios. Stay tuned!]]>