Key Updates:

  1. Revised Customer Profile pages include license renewals, cases, and downloads
  2. Updated Support and Resource Hub is easier to navigate and feature Google powered search
  3. Renewed focus on CMapsAnalytics.js API – Our SAP clients, partners, and new customers who discover CMapsAnalytics for the first time will see CMapsAnalytics.js as our core technology focus.
  4. All In on SAP Web Intelligence – Moving forward we are all in on Web Intelligence Element as our showcase BI integration supported by CMaps Analytics.
  5. Onboarding – Our onboarding and sign up process is completely revamped with a goal to remove friction from the process. Consolidation of SAP Dashboards, CMapsAnalytics.js, CMaps Designer, and Extensions all follow one consistent customer journey. Register Now

What’s Next

  1. Updated Developer Guide layouts – Our developer guides are getting user experience upgrades to ensure we surface the right content in an easy to navigate format.
  2. More code examples: We have over 50 Codepen example pages and will continue to provide examples to provide guidelines for all CMaps Analytics features.