Re-inventing our Customer Portal Experience

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home grown Customer Portal 2.0 (powered by CentigonKnowledge.com). This is an important step for us to increase dialogue with customers, simplify delivery of knowledge, and streamline multiple portals and logins into a single point of collaboration. With thousands of developers spread across multiple product lines, our CentigonKnowledge.com portal is our central hub, providing public and secured materials to help customers succeed. 1 Click for Support
All Centigon Solutions web pages and cloud products now feature one click support, allowing customers and prospects ask questions or make suggestions how we can improve. As we scale our own customer success team, we hope to achieve real-time support where your first point of contact is who will ultimately deliver a solution.

Single Point for Knowledge Delivery
All Centigon Solutions pages also feature a search box powered by Google that hits our entire knowledge base, allowing customers to quickly find answers.
All new CMaps Analytics products connect directly to CentigonKnowledge to retrieve knowledge and documentation articles, ensuring customers always have the latest, correct information how to use products, with context-aware videos and tutorials.
Take it for a spin
Visit CentigonKnowledge.com today and learn more about CMaps Analytics solutions. For more information about what you can access as a customer, check out this customer portal tour. ]]>