Google is Killing Off Google Maps Engine. What does this Mean?

By January 23, 2015No Comments

A news story today confirmed that Google will deprecate Google Maps Engine and service will likely end January 29 2016. Why do we think GME failed? The functionality was limited, the target user and consumer was not clear, and the biggest challenge was a requirement to upload data to the cloud to extract any value from the solution. This does not tarnish the success of Google Maps or the fact that Google Maps API is still the most widely adopted and data-rich mapping solution in the marketplace thanks to Google’s massive investment in geo. However, the deprecation of this product is yet another indicator of something that is a core driver for our own Location Intelligence product approach:

The Future of Enterprise Location Intelligence is Embedded Analytics.

The consumers and users of maps in the enterprise, specifically Google Maps, are not data scientists or GIS analysts. They are typically business users who consume information while on the go. The use and availability of maps in the workplace should be where business users work, how they work. For many of the large enterprise customers we serve, that work is done behind the firewall even if some facets of the business like CRM live in the cloud.
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