Our Mission: Location Intelligence for Everyone

By August 16, 2012No Comments

GMaps Plugin and now through our own mobile App platform GMaps Mobile. As we have narrowed our strategic focus in the area of what we now call “Location Intelligence”, we felt this term has finally matured enough within the enterprise to finally change our mission statement: “Location Intelligence for Everyone“ Our mission is to continue innovating and pushing the envelope so we can make location intelligence available to everyone in your organization. That includes the workers on the ground level selling, delivering, repairing, and performing a variety of operational tasks. For many companies these workers are the lifeblood and the first line of communication with customers. GMaps Mobile is our first step toward this ultimate goal to make location intelligence a pervasive experience across the entire organization, connected and integrated to multiple systems, and used for many different tasks. We believe that everyone in your organization who makes decisions can benefit from location intelligence and we are hard at work to make introducing solutions that make it approachable for “everyone”. At the same time, we are continuously innovating to increase the “intelligence” gained from aligning location to business analytics.]]>