LaunchWorks Inc. and Centigon Solutions Inc. Announce Integration Partnership

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San Diego, CA. and San Antonio, TX. – LaunchWorks, Inc., a leading provider of reporting solutions for use with SAP® BusinessObjects™ solutions, and Centigon Solutions, Inc., recognized as the premier developer of location intelligence solutions for SAP® BusinessObjects ™ solutions, today announced the integration of location and mapping intelligence known as GMaps Plugin within secure outward facing dashboards. The meshing of the two technologies will provide real time business intelligence through secure outward facing portals.
Business Objects, BusinessObjects and the Business Objects logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business Objects in the United States and/or other countries.  Business Objects is an SAP company. Trends toward real time analysis – via GMaps Plugin and drill down capabilities, are now part of customer experience expectations. Industry leaders are staying ahead of the competition by providing their vendors the ability to make sound decisions based on real-time data. The integration partnership between Centigon Solutions and LaunchWorks provides the resources for enterprises to deliver better product quality, reduced time and costs, and a faster realization of areas in need of improvement. This ability to consume and monetize business intelligence has become the wave of decision making within enterprises and the integration of GMaps Plugin within the LaunchPortal allows this to happen quickly and accurately. “It is my pleasure to announce Centigon Solutions’ GMaps Plugin can now be accessed from our Launch Portal. Centigon Solutions is known for their strength in interactive mapping and the SAP landscape. This partnership offers strong support for our business,” said Kevin McManus, President of LaunchWorks., Inc. Ryan Goodman, CEO of Centigon Solutions goes on to say “The LaunchPortal enables us to deliver our GMaps Plugin technology within the dashboards of our clients and push it out to their vendors and users inside and outside of the company. Our collaborative approach to delivering business intelligence provides our clients a new level of awareness.” The integration between LaunchWorks LaunchPortal and Centigon Solutions’ GMaps Plugin allows an intuitive exchange of information through visually appealing maps and easy to use interface. For enterprises in competitive industries, moving from a reactive stance to proactively driving the direction of the industry is made possible by the mining of real time data. About LaunchWorks, Inc.
LaunchWorks provides enterprises with commercial-grade, on-premise and hosted solutions for sharing business intelligence. LaunchWorks integrates its proven report bursting, exporting, sharing, tracking, and auditing software on high-performance servers that are optimized for minimum response times.  In addition to providing superior control, security and integration capabilities, LaunchWorks in-house approach offers companies a more powerful and cost-effective alternative to custom development.
Many Fortune 500 companies worldwide rely on LaunchWorks solutions to power their mission-critical business intelligence report distribution needs. LaunchWorks is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. To learn more about LaunchWorks, visit www.launchworks.com. About Centigon Solutions, Inc.
Centigon Solutions Inc. is strategically focused on creating interactive mapping visualization technology for developers and business users. A coupling of business insight and technical expertise allows Centigon Solutions to deliver quality business intelligence software solutions. Unique location intelligence solutions empower customers to navigate, visualize and assimilate information through easy to use dashboards and mapping solutions.
As thought leaders in business intelligence dashboards and Web 2.0 technologies for the enterprise, Centigon Solutions is recognized as the premier developer of location intelligence solutions for SAP BusinessObjects. Centigon Solutions Inc. is a privately held corporation based in San Diego California founded in 2007. To learn more about Centigon Solutions, visit www.centigon.com CONTACT: Jessica Crook, LaunchWorks, TEL + 1 (877) 857-7407 jessica.crook@launchworks.com Lisa Neale Centigon Solutions Inc.  TEL + 1 (800) 570-6806 lisa@centigonsolutions.com SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
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