HTML5 Dashboards, Zen, and what this means to Centigon Solutions

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State of Affairs with SAP BusinessObjects, Mobile, and HTML5
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards as we know is a best of breed dashboard development platform for desktop and the browser. It is not supported for mobile consumption out of the box because of incompatibility of Flash Player. Products like XWIS Anywhere and MyBI have filled in this gap in a way that allows companies to use their existing dashboards “as-is”. In upcoming months, Xcelsius will get a mobile publishing feature referred in the community as an “HTML5” export option. HTML5 is the technology being used to allow SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards to publish for consumption within SAP Mobile BI. As it seems, a subset of standard Xcelsius components will be supported and there will be no SDK for the initial release which will impact thousands of customers worldwide. In short, customers will still need to re-plan and re-optimize their dashboards for mobile consumption. HTML5 and Flash Parity for GMaps Plugin
GMaps Plugin arguably the most sophisticated plugin component when compared to standard Xcelsius components that come out of the box. It maximizes the use of Flash Player for vector graphics rendering and data processing in ways that can’t be reproduced with HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. Over 18 months ago, the Centigon Solution engineering team transitioned from Flash to HTML5 with the creation of GMaps Mobile. With GMaps Mobile V2 now complete, our team is rapidly working to ensure we can not only deliver a comparable experience but innovate forward to take advantage of the latest Google Maps services. This transition in no way means that we have abandoned Flash. GMaps Plugin is a full featured product with plenty of room to grow based on the increasing demands on location intelligence. GMaps Plugin 4 is right around the corner which will illustrate our dedication to continue innovating forward with Flash. With over 600 customers using Xcelsius worldwide, the Centigon Solutions team has a vested interest in continuing to support these customers as we slowly transition to new technology platforms like HTML5. Planning ahead for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards for Mobile
SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is designed for SAP Netweaver Web Application Developers first and foremost. It is not currently integrated with SAP BusinessObjects Platform at all. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is new in its product life cycle and we are certainly looking forward to the release of the V1 SDK which will give Centigon Solutions access to a new SAP user base.  As it has been communicated publicly, SAP’s goal is to back Xcelsius into SAP BusinessObjects Design studio in the 2014 time frame. The Centigon Solutions Advantage
Regardless of the direction that SAP takes for mobile and desktop BI Apps development, Centigon Solutions is committed to using HTML5 as our platform for development moving forward in parallel to Flash through 2014. Our innovation pipeline for HTML5 will re-enforce Centigon Solutions as a leader in geo-spatial analytics for SAP BusinessObjects customers. It will also grant us the ability to further integrate our technology into other platforms both SAP and non-SAP. If you have further questions or concerns, our knowledgeable team is always here to help. CONTACT US]]>