New GMaps Plugin Hotfix Introduces Changes to Trial Process

By January 9, 2013No Comments

Download the latest GMaps Plugin Trial
View the new install process Are paying customers impacted by this change?
Absolutely not! Fully registered, paying customers are not impacted by our trial processes. We made these changes not only to simplify the evaluation process, but also to empower third party consultants and partners to have flexibility as they help evangelize and sell GMaps Plugin. Though our standard support and maintenance process, customers will receive notification this week to download the latest hotfix when they are ready.

What is the new process?

Moving forward, upon downloading a trial your will receive a Centigon Solutions generated trial key. This key will expire after 300 page views or 30 days (which ever comes first). Like existing trials, the new GMaps Plugin trial will allow for local testing and development inside Xcelsius. During this trial period the component will remain in development mode (standard feature for the full version of GMaps Plugin so you don’t use page views while developing). Trial users have one XLX file to install to use through the entire evaluation process and will get to test the full span of functionality from development, to publishing into SAP BusinessObjects, NetWeaver, or any other portal of choice.
Can I publish to a server?
Absolutely! Simply reach out to our sales team and they will request more information about your mapping needs. At that time, our team will flip the switch for you to publish your GMaps Plugin-enabled dashboards to a server environment (SAP BusinessObjects, NetWeaver Portal, Sharepoint, etc) without you installing any additional software or changing your dashboard.
Can I get an extension or more page views?
Dashboard initiatives take time for approval, and we at Centigon Solutions are here to help you succeed.  If that requires extending your trial or adding more page views to prove to stakeholders the power of GMaps Plugin, we can work with you to ensure you have everything you need.
What if I am a consultant who was using GMaps Plugin trial to demo maps to my customers?
We want to work with you directly to ensure you have what you need to continue what you were doing un-interrupted. Please contact us to get additional information about NFR licensing for development and testing.
Why change now?
  1. As Google evolved with their maps API policies, so has Centigon Solutions to ensure we are working within the terms of use for Google Maps and following industry standard practices for trial distribution. 
  2. We needed to simplify our trial evaluation process for customers and the Centigon Solutions team. The goal is to easily move developers from local testing to remote server publishing, and ultimately to full paid-for licenses. With over 30% of trials being used by third party integrators, we also wanted to ensure a simple process for these integrators to introduce GMaps Plugin to customers.
  3. We need to ensure we can effectively enforce our own end user license agreement for GMaps Plugin trial, which allows for evaluation and testing for 30 days and now allotted page views.
  4. We wanted to better understand and control aspects of the trial experience from our internal CMS which ultimately provides the best experience for trial users who evaluate GMaps Plugin with the intent to implement production maps as customers.