New Consumer Grade Experience Coming to CMaps Analytics 2.1

By September 21, 2015No Comments

At CMaps Analytics, customer requirements and feedback take #1 priority, especially when it comes to user experience. User expectations today for enterprise software are dictated by what they use on a daily basis. 
That is why with an upcoming CMaps Analytics V2.1 release, we have overhauled our advanced InfoWindow to look and feel like Google Maps. In a few weeks, customers will have the opportunity to start testing the new Advanced InfoWindow with our CMaps Analytics 2.1 API experimental release.
In addition to a new visual skin, we have streamlined our advanced InfoWindow to ensure CMaps Analytics can be placed in front of any business user with no training required.
CMaps Analytics designers can simply check / uncheck the features that business users should access, and advanced InfoWindow will do the rest, adjusting itself to your data and user interaction just like Google Maps.