Is your Google Maps Implementation Enterprise Ready?

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terms of use and pricing to make scaling Google Maps more affordable for public websites and clarify approved use cases. While most of the changes were made to lower the barrier for growing web properties, there were important changes you should be aware of if you are currently using Google Maps free APIs within your enterprise.

Why use Google Maps?

In a recent webinar with Onix Networking and Google, the team demonstrated the scale of the Google Maps operation and extreme volume and velocity of data used to produce a best of breed mapping APIs used by CMaps Analytics Designer. For public websites on the Internet, Google is the standard for mapping. For enterprise business intelligence, Google Maps is one of the top requested features. View Webinar

What you need to use Google Maps in your enterprise

For enterprise business apps and business intelligence, Google Maps has a Google Maps for Work option which can be paired with CMaps Analytics or included through our enterprise bundles.

Where do you get Google Maps for Work?

  • Work with our Google Premier Partners like Onix Networking to get expert advice, and proper licensing for Google Maps for Work and CMaps Analytics.
  • Work with the CMaps Analytics team to get CMaps Analytics Bundles that include Google Maps for work.

Risks Using the Free Google Maps API for Enterprise Apps

  • You are putting your organization at risk by using a software solution that is not in compliance with Google’s terms of use which restrict usage:
  • Your maps consumption is limited to 2500 page views a day and 2500 requests per day.
  • You are subjecting your end users to advertising showing up inside of the maps.
Let us show you why customers are “Going Google” for enterprise maps.
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