New CMaps Analytics Designer Released: See What's New

By January 18, 2015No Comments

CMaps Analytics Designer jam packed with new enhancements, layer types, templates, and a lots of additions to our JavaScript API. Here are a few new features that you can explore in our latest CMaps Analytics Designer.

1. Premium Layers: Drive time / distance visualizations

We have two new layer types for visualizing drive time and distance through CMaps Analytics. One of the exciting new developments is our drive time polygon service, which is our first premium layer.

2. Simplified Maps Design

Now with more than 10 layer types and more on the way, you can ensure that as your business users come up with more requirements, you can deliver results with ease. Our maps layers and pre-built templates are awaiting your business data! START HERE

3. New Javascript API

With a new wave of extensions on the way, we are extending the same functions to developers who want further customization of embedded Location Analytics. If you have an internal business application, or an analytics product in the need of maps, look no further than CMaps Analytics! GET ACCESS TO OUR JAVASCRIPT API