Increasing Dashboard Adoption with Maps

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In a recent market study, 2014 Wisdom of Crowds Location Intelligence, “Over 70% of business users interviewed expressed Location Intelligence as critical or important for a BI strategy.” With Dashboards and reports remaining the top vehicles for delivering analytics to business users, are you equipped to host a discussion and execute a location intelligence strategy for Business Intelligence?

At Centigon Solutions, helping you boost user adoption of your dashboards and reports is a top priority. That is why we partnered with the team at BI Dashboard Formula (formerly BI Dashboard Formula) in an effort to align ourselves to the fastest growing program for improving your dashboard and BI App adoption.


The BI Dashboard Formula is a totally unique (platform agnostic) online course that will show you exactly how to become a BI Rockstar by:
  • Working with your users to develop ‘ACTIONABLE and INTELLIGENT’ KPIs that delivers key business insights
  • Creating amazing dashboards that WOW your users and significantly increase user adoption 

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Join us Tomorrow 6/26/2014 for a FREE Webinar
With Mico Yuk, (Author, Data Visualization for Dummies)
her team has built 400+ Enterprise BI dashboards to date!


Boosting User Adoption through Location Analytics
With BI Dashboard Formula, the Centigon Solutions team will provide exclusive training aligned directly to the BI Dashboard Formula methodology. In a one hour web session we will explain 5 steps that you can use to engage your business stakeholders, identify the location analytics requirements, and provide best practices to create a visual narrative. With our Location Analytics package, you will have everything you need to tackle the growing number of requests for maps within your dashboard and BI App initiatives. 
All existing and new BI Dashboard Delivery Members will get exclusive access to:
1 Hour BIDF Bonus Session: “How to Unlock the WHERE with Geographic Visualization

BIDF Geographic Visualization Guide
: The most common geo-visualization types and when/how to use them effectively

BIDF Location Analytics Checklist:
Identify the type of visualization, data, and tools you will need to create your location intelligence masterpiece.

Ebook: Top 3 Business Cases for Location Analytics