CMaps Analytics 2014 Event Recap

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CMaps Analytics in live Web Event. Our tagline leading up the event was CMaps Analytics Future is “Now” because most of what was demonstrated will be released in the next 24 hours. Other innovations that are not generally available immediately will still be accessible to existing customers and partners for adoption testing.

1. Consumerization

Consumer innovation is a driving force behind the need for better analytics tools, specifically in Location Analytics. It is however creating new tools that help make beautiful yet simple user experiences inside of enterprise apps and analytics.

Additional Maps Provider: As one of the first vendors to deliver Google Maps as an enterprise maps service, we are always looking for the next big thing in “geo.” As such we have introduced MapBox as a new map base layer provider for CMaps Plugin. Webi Extension V2
Piggybacking on the theme to continuously innovate for our existing customers, we announced a brand new CMaps Analytics extension for Webi v2.  All existing CMaps Plugin customers will recieve this extension for free, along with any new customers through Q2 2014. This was highlighted as another example of our commitment to bring consumer grade experiences into traditional enterprise reporting.

2. Cloud

Geo Services Cloud is driving rapid innovation and accelerating adoption of new technologies that business users demand. Centigon Solutions is using the cloud to increase performance and utility of location analytics without compromising security. From batch geocoding to drive time/distance analysis, the first batch of Geo services will be added into the entire suite of CMaps Analytics tools.
READ MORE CMaps Analytics Designer: The future of CMaps Analytics
The biggest announcement of the day was a demonstration of CMaps Analytics Designer, a brand new, Cloud base maps designer. Here are the two examples demonstrated how CMaps Designer will be utilized moving forward.

DEMO 1: Enterprise Application Designers & System Integrators
A demonstration of CMaps Analytics Designer output that was quickly integrated into an SAPUI5 App, illustrating how system integrators can use CMaps Designer output to integrate into custom enterprise applications. DEMO 2: New Partnerships and Integrations
An expanded partnership with LaunchWorks was announced which will enable embedded geo-analytics for Salesforce.com via LaunchPortal. It was also commented that CMaps Designer will be the future design hub for new direct CMaps Plugin integrations into new enterprise tools and platforms soon to be announced.

3. Indoors

Indoor Analytics is an area of focus for the new CMaps Analytics Designer, allowing customers to visualize business data aligned to indoor space. From manufacturing operations, to facility utilization for HR, to consumer engagement for Retail there are a host of location intelligence possibilities that will be available to CMaps Analytics users.