At CMaps Analytics, we began our journey as an independent software company building tools for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. Sometimes, when you create software you hit a walk off home run, and others times it requires a few at-bats… We are fortunate to have sold thousands of Essentials Bundle licenses over the years and almost weekly find users and customers who share their experiences with us, most of them good. The key to building software tools that people love is helping users accomplish something faster, easier, and hopefully cheaper than before; and it has to work without much fuss. The rise of new, modern enterprise software solutions that are built with clear intent to accomplish these goals will win. Our team at CMaps Analytics is continuously looking at new ways to bring the same form and function to our Location Analytics products that made our Essentials Bundle a home-run.

Why are we talking about our Essentials Bundle?

We have some exciting news coming shortly for the 1200+ Essentials Bundle users for what’s next!

Thank you for Shobhit Acharya for the wonderful recommendation and kind words 🙂 Capture ]]>