Are you ignoring terms of service?

If you are using Google Maps within your enterprise and don’t have a premium license, you are likely putting your company at risk by abusing terms of service.

In short, Google does not license its maps APIs or services for free use when it is leveraged for commercial use (anywhere behind your firewall). Google provides a free Javascript API, which grants usage for development. Now, you can not develop with Google Maps free APIs without a key. Otherwise your app will log a warning: “Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys. ”

Why do we care at CMaps Analytics?

It’s not our job to enforce Google’s licensing when it falls outside of our own products/integrations but we do take licensing serious. CMaps Analytics is an official Google Maps Technology partner, so we are eager to ensure we have an opportunity to work with more organizations who want to embed Google Maps services inside of business apps and Business Intelligence. Our goal is to help more customers use CMaps Analytics as the delivery vehicle for Google Maps for enterprise apps and BI. You can resolve this by generating a developer key and continue forward using the free API key in your enterprise app. However, obtaining this new key and deploying it you have acknowledged to Google that you are knowingly abusing the terms of service.

Your Options…

You can leave your app as-is without a valid license. Work with CMaps Analytics which includes Google Maps Premium. Obtain proper licensing for Google Maps Premium from one our recommended Google Maps partners like Onix Networking Onix You can find another mapping service like OpenStreetMaps (OSM) and API like Leaflet which are free. Make sure to read their fine print too if you are building business apps with lots of users and

We are here to help!

We have a variety of options to ensure your Google Maps powered apps and Business Intelligence is covered under a Google Maps Premium license which covers enterprise useage. If you are considering alternative maps APIs like Leaflet or move to providers like Bing, MapBox, HERE, OpenStreetMaps, ESRI, TomTom, or anything else we have experience working with them all and can provide unbiased experience and make direct introductions to put you on the right path.]]>