#CMapsAnalytics2015 Recap: 5 New Features to Simplify Location Intelligence

By June 20, 2015No Comments

Here is a recap along with 5 of 20 new features that will make Location Intelligence easier to produce:

1. New layer visualizations added to rapidly growing list

2. More in-map analysis and interactivity

New legend widgets and selector tools provide a new level of in-map analysis without any configuration required.

3. Advanced InfoWindow

With a single checkbox in CMaps Designer, you can enable ranking, filtering, search, and a host of other features to transform a map into a rich Location Intelligence tool. 

Next-generation dashboards with DecisionPoint

Create better dashboards faster than ever before with DecisionPoint and CMaps Analytics together. CMaps Analytics views can be imported and used directly inside DecisionPoint. In less than 5 minutes Donald MacCormick built a complete connected, drillable geo dashboard. LEARN MORE

5. Custom visualization layers

The new foundation for advanced analytics and visualization will be presented through CMaps Analytics custom visualization layer. Customers with big data visualization requirements can co-innovate with Centigon, or use CMaps Analytics API and custom viz layer to create and embed location intelligence.

How to Get CMaps Analytics V2

CMaps Analytics V2 is scheduled for release in July 2015 and is currently in private beta. If you would like access to the current CMaps Analytics designer or sign up for a V2 beta, you can START HERE TO SIGN UP