What to Expect at #CMapsAnalytics2015

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Tomorrow at 9am Eastern, 12pm Eastern, we will unveil CMaps Analytics V2, which is one of our most ambitious releases to date. Jam packed with new visualization and productivity features, our goal is to make Location Intelligence a standard interface for dashboards, data exploration, and productivity.

To do that, our team lowering the barrier to create maps, but also better facilitating location-based decisions across the enterprise. 

HOW? That is for you to see tomorrow on a Live Web Event!

June 16 9am Pacific, 12pm Pacific
#CMaps Analytics 2015 Agenda
  • Why Location Matters?
  • Special Guest: Ryan Leffingwell- Travel Recon
  • Introducing CMaps Analytics V2
  • Next Generation Geo Dashboards- Donald MacCormick
  • From Maps to Embedded Location Analytics
  • What’s Next for CMaps?