CMaps Analytics with APOS Dashboard Migrator for SAP Design Studio

By April 24, 2014No Comments

This morning during a webinar hosted by APOS, our leadership showed a sneak preview of CMaps Analytics in SAP Design Studio via APOS Dashboard Migrator for SAP. Now, customers can embed Google Maps in Design Studio using CMaps Analytics HTML5 integration; also used for SAP Mobile BI. Design Studio is a replacement for SAP Web Application Designer and in recent months has been gaining traction within the traditional SAP BusinessObjects customer base. Given the existing gaps between SAP Dashboards and Design Studio, APOS Dashboard Migrator is the perfect, timely software package allowing customers to re-use existing investments, skill sets, and content directly inside of Design Studio. Our goal at Centigon Solutions is to design simple, easy to create location intelligence experiences. With Dashboard Migrator for Design Studio, CMaps Analytics will cover the full span of SAP BusinessObjects tools using one consistent design process for location intelligence in SAP BusinessObjects.. With a great start out of the gates, we are excited to endorse and promote APOS Dashboard Migrator as a great solution to embed CMaps Analytics Location Analytics in Design Studio. We  have big plans for Design Studio as the platform and community matures.

GET STARTED For more information and access to APOS Dashboard Migrator feel free to contact our team or APOS directly. To get started designing your maps immediately, download CMaps Analytics for SAP Dashboards for free!