Peek into Centigon Solutions 2014 Innovation Pipeline

By April 17, 2014No Comments

Centigon Solutions will ensure you have the right features at the right time using the same mantra of plug and play simplicity. The following summary provides a glimpse into our Centigon Solutions innovation factory.

Expanded Delivery of Location Analytics to SAP BusinessObjects 

It is no secret that we are passionate about the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem that we have served as Centigon Solutions for 7 years and even longer as professionals. For 2014, we have taken an approach to location intelligence using familiar development tools, skills and workflows you have mastered already and are preparing to take advantage of new maturing platforms and tools. Starting with delivery of mobile analytics via SAP Dashboards we have also expanded the value of CMaps Plugin to WebIntelligence (currently entering customer adoption testing) and soon in our first phase of Design Studio integration via APOS Dashboard Migration. The result is a consistent development workflow and user experience for mapping across multiple tools. Analytics from the Cloud Embracing the Open Source GIS community, we have meshed our expertise of Business Intelligence with top experts to soon deliver a new bundling of geo services that will enrich your location intelligence apps. As you embark on a location intelligence journey, working with Centigon Solutions will ensure you have the right features at the right time using the same mantra of plug and play simplicity. Indoor is the Future We have been carefully devising our entry into the indoor location based services marketplace, which we view as a natural progression of enterprise location analytics. Its a brave new world to say the least, but with a customer base spanning most industries, we can’t wait to see what kind of use cases surface for merging business data with indoor visualizations. As your organization adopts new Indoor Location Based services and tools, we will be ready with a mix of tools for delivering business intelligence back to decision makers. From the “App Store” to Embedded Analytics With tens of thousands of downloads, we learned a lot about the mobile analytics space since our entry in 2012, along with the challenges and opportunities that exist in this ecosystem. This quarter we are moving our map design experience from iPad to the cloud with our Indoor Analytics and focusing on CMaps Analytics SDK to transform our “App Experience” into an embedded geo-analytics experience within other tools and platforms. ]]>