CMaps Analytics Roadmap Update

By October 6, 2015No Comments

  • Work with customers on new strategic opportunities to benefit from Location Analytics
  • Simplify consumption of maps for Business Intelligence apps
  • Add new power features for creating advanced visualization and analysis
  • New data and GIS powered services including ESRI ArcGIS
  • Expanded integration with innovative 3rd party platforms like Antivia DecisionPoint and Salesforce.com

  • Building Blocks for Success:

    CMaps Analytics foundation is our cloud maps API and geo services, that you can use along with our partners for creating new embedded Location Analytics solution. At CMaps Analytics we use the same cloud APIs to build native extensions into platforms like SAP BusinessObjects.  

    Cloud Influence for On-Premise Business Apps:

    With over 90% of our CMaps Analytics customers using CMaps Analytics with on-premise data and security, we will continue developing strategic integrations while continuing to expand our pure cloud integrations. With CMAps Analytics you have one platform to gracefully move from cloud to on-premise apps (browser or mobile). For example, our SAP Lumira integration harnesses a cloud-first design approach that HANA Cloud Platform has embraced. READ MORE AT SAP SCN: Re-thinking SAP Lumira Extensions with Cloud CMaps API Image3 We want to hear from you. Let us know how we can further empower your organization to ride the Location Analytics wave! SCHEDULE A CALL ]]>