Centigon Solutions releases MapBox enabled CMaps Plugin and new Webi Extension

By June 25, 2014No Comments

Today, Centigon Solutions released to market a new CMaps Analytics for SAP Dashboards and made generally available CMaps Analytics Extension for SAP WebIntelligence. 

CMaps Plugin now includes MapBox base layers

CMaps Plugin new features an additional 9 map layers from MapBox including cloudless satellite imagery, OpenStreet Maps, Terrain maps, and other stylized layers for creating location intelligence. 
During a live web event on June 24th, Centigon Solutions first announced and demonstrated the new MapBox layers which are available exclusively to existing customers as a free upgrade. A trial version of the new CMaps Plugin which includes TomTom and MapBox base layers will be available the first week of July.

New CMaps Analytics Extension for Webi V2

The new CMaps Analytics Extension for Webi is generally available for existing CMaps Plugin Bundle customers and available for trial download. The new version 2 provides a streamlined workflow for loading and connecting data from Webi reports into CMaps Plugin enabled content inside of SAP Dashboards.
“CMaps Analytics Extension is currently in a monthly release schedule as we innovate forward to create a highly robust geo-visualization solution for the most widely adopted Business Intelligence report solution,” said Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions CEO.