Centigon Solutions Announces CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects

By August 5, 2013No Comments

CMaps Analytics and CMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. “Dashboards and Mobile BI Apps remain a top opportunity for enterprises, especially as they introduce location intelligence to business users,” said Ryan Goodman, founder and CEO of Centigon Solutions. “As SAP increases support for processing and delivering location data, CMaps Analytics is perfectly positioned to provide a consumer-friendly experience finely tuned for business intelligence apps.” Several consumer goods organizations that use CMaps Plugin (previously known as GMaps Plugin) monitor global retail performance from territories down to individual categorized retailers. CMaps Analytics will make such applications easier to build and compatible for mobile consumption. Included in today’s announcement: CMaps Analytics API for Flash: Brand new platform built from the ground up for dashboards and BI Applications. New Partnership with TomTom: New TomTom powered base map layers and global geocoding are added CMaps Plugin. CMAps Plugin 4: Latest native integration for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, CMaps Plugin 4 offers significant performance increases, and simplified work flows and additional features for location intelligence dashboards. Mobile integration for CMaps Plugin and SAP Mobile BI: Soon available for SAP BusinessObjects 4.1, CMaps Plugin is mobile ready, allowing for integration directly inside of SAP Mobile BI using CMaps mobile (currently available as GMaps Mobile) optimized experience.