CMaps vs GMaps. What is the difference?

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CMaps Plugin for SAP
CMaps Plugin is our 4th generation integration with SAP BusinessObjects which includes:

  • New CMaps API for Flash
  • Major performance enhancements
  • Mobile integration
  • New features to make geo-visualization even easier to create

Technology Differences
GMaps Plugin uses Google Maps API for Flash as the foundation for which we built our GMaps Framework for visualizing and analyzing geographic data. CMaps Plugin was designed to be map vendor agnostic, allowing us to choose the right map service for our customers. After evaluating the marketplace for map imagery services, we found TomTom to be the best fit for our technology and licensing needs.

Both GMaps Plugin and CMaps Plugin integration to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is identical. All of the features, properties, and development workflows have been continued. The end user experience is also identical for end for end users. Migration 
Essentially, GMaps Plugin dashboards can be migrated and used with CMaps Plugin by simply opening an existing dashboard. Availability
CMaps Plugin will be generally available the first week of September and, avaialble for adoption and migration testing for selected customers and partners mid August.