Centigon Solution Announces Redesigned CMaps Analytics for SAP Web Intelligence

By February 18, 2015No Comments

CMaps Analytics extension for Web Intelligence builds upon a successful integration that originates back to 2008, when Centigon Solutions released the first SAP Certified integration for SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius, now SAP Dashboards. “Consistency, simplicity, and Google Maps are what business users are asking for, and that is what we deliver to SAP BusinessObjects customers who are left to fend for themselves with fragmented and incomplete maps experiences that come out of the box”, said Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions CEO. “Now, any casual report designer can create maps from tabular data, and power users can use our point and click property sheet to create multi-layer, drillable maps experiences without installing any software or servers.” CMaps Analytics Designer is a cloud based hub for designing maps, and allows customers to take designs behind a corporate firewall to inject into on-premise and mobile applications. SAP, Microsoft, and other upcoming business applications are included “plug-and-play” extensions allowing customers to embed Location Intelligence into existing on-premise or cloud investments.
CMaps Analytics will be released to market late February 2015 to existing customers and will be available as a downloadable trial. About Centigon Solutions
Centigon Solutions Inc. is strategically focused on creating location intelligence solutions for business users. As thought leaders and trail blazers in business intelligence and location analytics, Centigon Solutions transforms consumer mapping experiences into powerful business analysis for use in enterprise analytics and mobile productivity applications. With over 600 total customers globally across multiple industries, tens of thousands of business users benefit from Centigon Solutions dashboard and mapping components.]]>