Blending Dashboards with SAP Design Studio with APOS and CMaps Analytics

By July 1, 2014No Comments

joined APOS and Ian Mayor to showcase APOS Dashboard Migrator, a powerful bridge that allows customers to blend SAP Dashboard visualizations with Design Studio. Specifically for CMaps Analytics and Design Studio, we view this as a perfect way to harness 100% of our mapping capabilities as integrated HTML5 components inside of Design Studio. Hedging your Investment and Moving Forward
Design Studio is rapidly shifting from an application development environment to a dashboard design solution. Rather than being paralyzed between technologies, we endorse and recommend APOS Dashboard Migrator

Specifically for CMaps Analytics customers, APOS Dasrhboard Migrator transforms SAP Dashboards into a geo-analytics designer. Resulting CMaps Analytics views become embedded HTML5 visualizations inside of Design Studio for desktop or mobile consumption. Will CMaps Plugin have a native Design Studio Component?
As the team innovates forward using modern web technologies like HTML5 (in addition to investments in our SAP Plugins), we are rapidly evolving our new CMaps Analytics Desiger as our geo-visualization designer. As such, any future migration or integration into Design Studio would utilize CMaps Analytics Designer, which is modeled after CMaps Plugin. At this stage of Design Studio’s product life cycle, we feel APOS Dashboard Migrator is the perfect solution for migration and blending of visualizations between both SAP’s dashboard solutions.]]>