As Google Puts the Foot on the Gas to Drive Maps Forward, So Does Centigon Solutions

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Centigon Solutions has long stated that Google Maps is the best cross platform, cloud mapping solution. Their map data, coupled with an expanding array of powerful cloud services, and a rock solid APIs, have created the foundation for us at Centigon Solutions to do amazing things with GMaps Plugin and now GMaps Mobile. In the last few weeks, Google has announced several new exciting, enterprise-focused APIs that we at Centigon Solutions have started evaluating and integrating for GMaps Mobile for the beginning of 2013.  In this process, you will see our vision for mobile location intelligence take shape as we harness the latest mobile technologies and Google APIs to bring you powerful, actionable intelligence while on the go. Location Intelligence is NOT simply placing icons on a map, but rather creating actionable, interactive analysis that are extremely simple to create, consume and drive action from. Our team at Centigon Solutions is working around the clock to ensure your organizations can apply these technologies to your enterprise requirements.

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Some of these new enterprise APIs include historical traffic, geo-fencing, and innovative GPS-free location awareness. As Google makes new APIs available  you can count on Centigon Solutions thoughtfully apply these technologies to help your organization run smoother.
GMaps Mobile
If you have not had a chance to take a first look at GMaps Mobile, we invite you to test drive it for free and we can work with you to start strategizing your mobile location intelligence initiative.]]>