Centigon Solutions Announces CSV Connector V3 for SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

By October 22, 2012No Comments

CSV Connector. Now with support for the latest versions of SAP Crystal Dashboards and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, CSV Connector provides extreme simplicity for loading and exporting data from business intelligence dashboards. “CSV Connector is a great story because it was our first weekend labs project that was productized,” said Evan DeLodder, Centigon Solutions CTO. “Now, this simple tool has been the backbone of a few very large Xcelsius enterprise deployments.” In addition to migrating to the latest SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Platform, CSV Connector now features a data export feature that can be configured in less than a minute, without any web services or coding required.
CSV Connector V3 is currently in final stages of customer adoption testing and will be generally available at the end of October 2012. For more information, or to view the current version of CSV Connector, visit CentigonSolutions.com ABOUT CENTIGON SOLUTIONS
Centigon Solutions Inc. is strategically focused on creating location intelligence solutions for business users. As thought leaders in business intelligence dashboards and Web 2.0 technologies for the enterprise, Centigon Solutions is recognized as the premier developer of location intelligence solutions for SAP BusinessObjects through GMaps Plugin and GMaps Mobile.]]>