What's new in CSV Connector V3?

By December 12, 2012No Comments

CSV Connector for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SP04 and SP05. Last month we released CSV Connector V3, which adds support for the latest version of SAP Dashboards. CSV Connector allows you to load flat files like CSV (comma separated values) and Text files directly into a dashboards. In addition, the latest CSV Connector features a brand new export component that allows you to extract data from your dashboard directly to your desktop or system clipboard. DOWNLOAD A TRIAL
Deprecated Export Tab- For those customers who previously required exporting data to a server, environment migration of projects from V2 to V3 will force the Export Tab to appear in CSV Connector. This assures that customers can migrate projects without interruption. WHAT’S NEW IN CSV CONNECTOR V3
Support for Flex4
New Export Component for saving data to desktop
New Export Component option for saving data to the system clipboard
Deprecated Export tab (replaced with Export Components) WHATS NEXT?
With the move to Flex4, we will now re-evaluate what options we have to enhance the data processing capabilities of CSV Connector along with applicability for HTML5/Mobile integration. You can expect that moving forward into 2013 and beyond. We love to hear your feedback! ]]>