What to Look for from Centigon Solutions in 2011

By January 4, 2011No Comments

New Products: Out of the gates we have GMaps Plugin V3.0 only weeks way, hotfixes for other Xcelsius add-ons, and a the introduction of GMaps Designer.
Partnerships: As we release new products and integrations, our expanding partner network composed of top notch consulting and technology partners extend our reach to a worldwide customer base. We are always seeking organizations who can benefit from introducing our software solutions through various partnership opportunities. Feel free to contact us for more information at partners@centigonsolutions.com or 1 (800) 570-6806 x2 . 
Labs: You can expect us as always to push the envelope in all development efforts both in product design and through Centigon Solutions labs.
Social Network: We are excited to provide additional insight from other members of the Centigon Solutions team through this new blog, twitter, and other social network sites.