CMaps Analytics, our journey becoming a Location Intelligence company started with building maps extensions using a wide range of cloud maps APIs. Over the last 5 years, we have licensed APIs from Google Maps, TomTom, MapBox, integrated powerful Location Analytics engines like ESRI and Carto, and designed plug and play integrations for SAP BusinessObjects and MSFT.

Bring your Own Web Maps

Now, with one consistent CMaps Analytics approach you can integrate any web maps services like Google Maps, HERE, MapBox with GIS / analytics from ESRI or Carto you can invest / divest in any web maps solution without changing your end user experience. At CMaps Analytics, we view ourselves as an accelerant to help reach the finish line faster. We built over 20 map layer types and hundreds of configurable options, and geospatial analysis widgets that empower non-geospatial experts to create maps. For developers, we have created a highly configurable JS API that serves as an ultimate toolkit to embed Location Intelligence into your business applications.

Function over Base Maps

There are hundreds of tools to create maps and view geographic data on the internet. We believe that the key to your Location Intelligence success and adoption relies on your organization’s ability to use analytics, interactive analysis, and visualization in harmony. It takes competencies in these three areas, along with having the right business and spatial data. If your organization is still grappling with these three, we recommend taking our online assessment.
While digital maps are commoditized, most organizations lack the ability to adequately use Location, Proximity, and Distance to create impactful analysis that help people make decisions and take action. This is the battle cry for the Business Intelligence marketplace, yet one of the areas where enterprises still struggle. That is why we focus on the “last mile” where all of the business and analytical processes funnel into one concise user experience. It just so happens our sole focus is on geospatial analysis.

Geo Analysis as a Service- Partner with CMaps Analytics

If you are an enterprise in need of spatial analytics, a system integrator who builds GIS powered apps, or a commercial software company looking to modernize your analytics offering, we want to work with you! Custom geospatial analytics development– Let us work with your organization to create custom geo-analysis capabilies. Spatial analytics strategy– Whether you are using SAP, GIS, or Tableau, we can help you get the most out of your geospatial data. [su_button url="" style="flat" background="#3e85d8" size="7" radius="0" ]GeoJumpstart Services[/su_button] [su_button url="" style="flat" background="#3e85d8" size="7" radius="0" icon="icon: calendar"]Schedule a free consultation[/su_button]   ]]>