Top Questions about GMaps from SBOUC

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This week, our team at Centigon Solutions shared GMaps Mobile version 2 at our booth, only one year after it was first showcased on the main stage. With excitement, came the technical questions, so we compiled a list of the most popular ones for you:

What does the GMaps Mobile developer environment look like?
GMaps Mobile is carefully designed to be “developer environment free”. We consider our environment for SAP BusinessObjects customers to be WebIntelligence. This is where data is staged and prepared for GMaps Mobile. Once your report(s) are ready, they are loaded directly into GMaps Mobile in minutes. Properties for how this WebIntelligence data is displayed within GMaps Plugin is completed in our on-device designer. First of its kind, you complete your design on your iPad and not in a traditional developer tool. How does the developer push ‘views’ etc to users?
Developer can publish views and share with users right from the comfort of the iPad. The GMaps Mobile user has roles granted allowing them to share and distribute GMaps Mobile views, or simply consume. Where is the ‘view’ data stored?
View data is stored behind your firewall in your data warehouse. GMaps Mobile does not cache or store your data. Can I ‘edit’ my location data from the field?
You can create and combine layers on your device while you are in the field. In the future you will be able to capture and use your current location for several exciting new features. Can I send or save geo-tagged data?
Not currently in version 2.0 but we absolutely have planned a host of actions that you can take with your data. Stay tuned! Can I get GMaps Mobile installed completely on my servers without GMaps Mobile Cloud?
GMaps Mobile connect is currently only offered as an on-premise/cloud hybrid. All security, encryption, and transaction of data occurs from behind your firewall. Only user management is accessed and managed from the cloud. This is an architecture design that brings the best of both worlds giving you the security and control your IT needs and new cutting edge features your business users want.. If 100% on premise is a requirement, we ask that you contact our OEM sales oem@centigonsolutions.com

GMaps Plugin Questions
With GMaps Plugin as our flagship product for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards there were some reoccurring questions that came up:

How many levels can you drill within GMaps Plugin?
GMaps Plugin features some of the same limitations that Xcelsius inherits, which is the one drawback of using a component that does not come with server requirements. However, GMaps Plugin was designed to make the display of multiple levels/grains of geographic data. Generally it is recommended that no more than 4 levels of geographic data be presented within a single GMaps Plugin component. We have a demonstration of this within a marketing demo. How does GMaps Plugin help for the creation of custom regions?
GMaps Plugin does not offer shapefile editing. However, we found the perfect open source tool for doing so. We documented the process for editing and implementing shapefiles and provide it for free in our learning center. In addition, we have a video series to illustrate step by step directions.