Top 10 Exciting GMaps Mobile Features for 2.5

By April 4, 2013No Comments

GMaps Mobile release, we crammed a ton of new features to make your location analytics more useful for mobile workers. We picked out our top 10 that you will instantly benefit from as you upgrade or discover GMaps Mobile for the first time. LEARN MORE Icon Upgrade
Our new GMaps Mobile icon library was migrated from GMaps Plugin with the same alerting capabilities you expect, a color picker to match your branding, and a value label right on the map. As always, if you don’t like our icons, you can use your own and still have the ability to apply custom alerts. Gesture Selection Panel
Whether you select a radius or you swipe your finger to select an area, you will always know how much ground you will need to cover in linear or square mileage  Once you choose your points you can visualize your points of interest as a grid or analytic.

Category Filters
GMaps Mobile users asked for the ability to add multiple dimensions, so we responded with our new category filtering. Categories are available now on the filters and newly designed Layers Tab, allowing you to narrow your focus. Filters Dynamic Aggregation
You select a dozen locations but need to figure out the total, average, min and max. Let GMaps Mobile analytic view do that for you. You can quickly get an “at a glance view” of aggregate data, and have a plain English summary of what you are viewing at all times. Chart Summary Selector Regional Analysis is a Snap
Want to see your territories alongside your assets? No problem with our upgraded ESRI Shapefile integration. Wire up your business data against common regions like states and countries (included out of the box), or use your own custom territories within minutes. Re-Skinned for Retina and Smartphones
We re-skinned GMaps Mobile to be consistent from beginning to end. During that process, we now have GMaps Mobile up to par for Retina compatibility and ready for our upcoming iPhone release. A few features that are not pretty to look at, but are very important Everyone gets Google Docs integration
Want to test GMaps Mobile with Google Docs? No problem, we included integration with Google Docs right out the of the box for anyone who downloads GMaps Mobile Simplified Data Model
We made a huge upgrade to how we interpret and load data into GMaps Mobile. While this is not a pretty, exciting feature, it means a lot to organizations who want to quickly and easily load data into GMaps Mobile.
Learn how to Load Data into GMaps Mobile More Roles for Enterprise
We want everyone to be location intelligence gurus but not everyone in the field is ready for that power! We upgraded our security model with new roles for your administrator to assign. What’s Next for GMaps Mobile?
We are already off to the races to wrap up version 3 which will feature new enterprise data connectivity options, our highly anticipated data API, iPhone support, and some other amazing features that we can’t wait to put in your hands! ]]>