SAP and Google Announcement = Good news for GMaps Plugin!

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Centigon Solutions, it affirms our position that Google Maps is best presentation technology for location intelligence and BI. This announcement sheds light on us brighter than ever so with validation from SAP that Google Maps is a go-forward solution, you can jumpstart your integration today with GMaps Plugin. .

GMaps Plugin 3.1 provides a tightly integrated Google Maps powered location intelligence solution directly into SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, Crystal Dashboard Design, and Xcelsius. As you continue to leverage these tools for building dashboards, Centigon Solutions will continue leading the charge to provide the best map design integration for these solutions.
As the thought leaders in Google Maps integration for SAP BusinessObjects you can be sure that we will continue to work with SAP as a software solution partner to bring you the best possible location intelligence solutions for authoring solutions like SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.
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Webinar Alert: Google Maps Powered BI for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
Want to learn how Google Maps powered location intelligence can help your organization gain insight today? Join us for a webinar where Ryan Goodman will introduce GMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. Learn how using secured Google Maps technology provides a best of breed enterprise mapping platform for your business analytics. Learn how to jumpstart your location intelligence initiative today! Stay online and join us for a live Q&A session with our dashboard development experts. REGISTER NOW. Google Maps Powered BI for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
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