At CMaps Analytics, delivering premium Location Analytics solutions to SAP BusinessObjects can be the cherry on top to your successful BI implementation. Having worked with hundreds of CMaps Analytics customers over the years and thousands of SAP BusinessObjects users, our goal is to provide cutting edge mapping capabilities on SAP BI4.1 and 4.2.. But there is one big problem!

The #1 barrier for our customers to deliver value with the latest versions of SAP BusinessObjects are long upgrade cycles and constant delays, which can take months and in some cases over a year!

As the BI marketplace accelerates, there is more pressure than ever to deliver value back to business stakeholders. There are too many good alternatives for data analysis and visualization for lengthy upgrades to hold up your BI content creation, delivery, and adoption.

Finding a Better Path Forward

Some CMaps Analytics partners and customers already choose GB&Smith 360 Suite to decrease upgrade times up to 80%.  That is why we have partnered with the team at GB&Smith to show our customers that there is light at the end of the upgrade tunnel, and getting there should be a swift, risk-free process. Once you reach the other end, you can readily take advantage of modern SAP BusinessObjects capabilities, and hopefully CMaps Analytics.

3 Tips to Migrate Faster with Better Results

Tip 1: Cleanup

Auditing your investment before migrating will save a tremendous amount of time and resources. Get full information about your SAP BusinessObjects metadata: inactive user(s), access rights, evolution of your platform over time, differences across environments, relationships between components (universes, documents, ETL, database, BW)

Tip 2: Compare

Part of your testing plan requires comparing content from your legacy version to your brand new SAP BusinessObjects version. Simplify this process with 360 bind. How comfortable are you that your last migration is 100% error free? Try 360 bind and find out how effective your current process is. Capture WHITE PAPER: Mitigate risks linked to conformity

Tip 3: Automate

With your migration is complete, ongoing testing and automation shouldn’t ever stop. Non-regression testing becomes a critical time saver from traditional testing methods when upgrading and promoting new changes across environments.

Drive Value to your Business Users

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