Plug and Play ESRI Layers with CMaps Analytics Custom Layers

By August 24, 2015No Comments

WHERE to open new stores
WHERE to drill for natural resources. 
WHERE to plan administrative zones for local governments
As the Location Intelligence becomes pervasive across your enterprise, your GIS system could house useful data and analysis produced by GIS experts.
That is why we are thrilled to announce new ESRI connectivity, allowing CMaps Analytics customers to inject ESRI powered maps services alongside business data, inside of any enterprise app. 
GIS should be a feature, not a requirement for producing Location Intelligence within your enterprise. 
As such, we have designed CMaps Analytics to provide best of both worlds so BI professionals don’t need to learn GIS, and IT does not need additional server investments.

How to Get ESRI Integration for CMaps Analytics

In September, all existing CMaps Analytics customers and partners will gain access to customer adoption site where live ESRI services can be tested and verified against CMaps Analytics.
Later this year, CMaps Analytics will include a native ESRI layer type to compliment the existing WMS layer currently available across the entire CMaps Analytics portfolio.

Technical Details

CMaps Analytics will support Dynamic Maps Services from ESRI, ensuring business users can access live, interactive layers from ESRI. 
Want to evaluate today? Simply contact the CMaps Analytics team for a private demo/access.