Opportunities and Challenges for New Google Maps Engine

By October 29, 2013No Comments

This week, Google announced a lineup of Google Maps Engine products targeted toward individual business users. Google Maps Engine has been re-packed and delivered to the marketplace as a business friendly front-end to the Google Maps APIs. In addition to the new business tools, Google also announced a partnership with Safe Software, which will enable customers to extract data out of other GIS tools into Google’s cloud. We have always believed that cloud mapping experiences like Google Maps will become the standard interface for exploring and visualizing geospatial data for business users, while GIS tools and vector maps become niche applications. At Centigon Solutions, we use the same powerful Google Maps APIs to drive our own mobile (GMaps Mobile) and HTML5 location intelligence solutions. The opportunity that Google Earth Engine presents to Centigon Solutions and our customers is an additional, trusted cloud repository of location data that can be effortlessly combined with your business data. Increased Adoption for Cloud Still Poses Challenges for Google Maps Engine Pro
Cloud analytics is an area that every BI vendor is betting big on, including Centigon Solutions. While Google Maps Engine will provide a mechanism to securely import, manage, and visualize geo-data, it relies on your corporate IT organization granting permission to upload potentially sensitive data to Google’s cloud. While small and medium businesses are comfortable with this workflow, enterprises are reluctant to duplicate on-premise data in the cloud. CMaps Analytics and Google Maps Engine Integrated
CMaps Analytics is specifically designed to prevent your secured business data from reaching third party cloud servers. However, for organizations that want the best of both worlds, Centigon Solutions will have you covered. If your organization is using Google Earth engine today or plans to introduce Google Maps Engine, we are happy to demonstrate how you will be able to combine geo-data from Google’s cloud with on-premise business data through CMaps Analytics. Simply contact our sales team to schedule a demonstration.]]>