GeospatialPLUS, created by Archius, which can be installed inside of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and Lumira 2.0. In this demo, you can see how data driven maps by US Zipcode can be configured within a minute of loading data. [su_youtube url=""] Archius has taken a formula that made CMaps Plugin a hit and pushed the needle forward so customers can benefit from data driven maps.

Why Choose GeospatialPLUS?

SAP Lumira GeoSpatialPLUS Advanced Conditional FormattingGeospatialPLUS is a brand new combined solution, but it is built with CMapsAnalytics API version 4, and on top of an already successful ChartsPLUS solution that Archius has matured over the years. Archius brings to the table years of experience implementing real-world dashboards with DesignStudio and deep technical knowledge building premium add-on solutions. Customers who use GeospatialPLUS get access to Archius competency center for Dashboard execution and CMaps Analytics resources for Location Intelligence.   SAP Lumira Designer GeoSpatialPLUS Map Sales Dashboard Store address

Get Access to GeospatialPLUS

GeospatialPLUS was announced last week and has been in customer ramp up. You can sign up here for a trial.  

Why didn’t CMaps Analytics Build its Own Extension?

This is a question we have been fielding since last week. The answer is actually quite simple! To properly support the wide range of customer demands for geospatial dashboards in SAP, it requires a technical competency center and razor-sharp focus. Our team at CMaps Analytics originally built solutions for Xcelsius because it was our core focus. Now, our organization’s focus is building a best of breed maps API for analytics and business apps. Archius has a level of DesignStudio expertise both for implementation / training and add-ons that we can never catch up to. Now, SAP customers can get best of both worlds when they use GeospatialPLUS!]]>