New enhanced Google Maps enabled analytics for SAP BusinessObjects 4.1

By January 28, 2014No Comments

CMaps Plugin (formerly GMaps Plugin)  requests. After completion of our new CMaps Analytics SDK for HTML5, our first integration was SAP BusinessObjects Mobile. We have been quietly testing through Q4, and formerly announced our mobile integration! WEBINAR: Mobilizing your dashboard with CMaps Analytics

What does this integration do?

Using SAP Dashboards, you can publish your maps-enabled dashboards directly to your mobile device and interact with your assets and regions through the Google Maps experience you already know and love. View Details

What about SAP’s own mobile mapping tools?

At Centigon Solutions, we employ an approach that harnesses consumer mapping technologies from Google Maps and TomTom, along with a server-free install/integration. The goal is to reduce all barriers for designing location analytics directly through existing SAP BusinessObjects dashboards. The biggest difference between “out of the box” maps and CMaps Analytics is is a complete toolset for customizing, laying, and interacting with business and geo-spatial data together. Here is a short-list of capabilities that you get in CMaps Analytics will arm you with to deliver value to business consumers:
  • Complete flexibility in map integration, layout and workflows for end users via SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 
  • Combine multiple map layers together to uncover insights 
  • Visualize and link custom regions and territories directly to your business data 
  • New mobile friendly features for directions and location awareness bindings. 
  • Color and stylized icon alerts 
  • Interact with geo data with free-form finger swipe, polygon or pinch radius. 
  • WMS Connectivity for more complex mapping layers originating from GIS systems.

How and When can you get your hands on CMaps Analytics mobile component?

You can work directly with the sales team at Centigon Solutions to get your hands on the mobile-enabled component for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. We are working now with customers and partners who are using the latest SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 release. Visit our new mobile product page to learn more and request a trial. Want to start planning your mobile geo-analytics? Visit our learning center]]>