New CMaps Pluign Monthly Subscription Lowers Barriers to Benefit from Location Analytics

By December 19, 2014No Comments

Introducing CMaps Analytics Lite

CMaps Analytics Lite is based on the existing product and subscription licensing we already offer to enterprises, but is geared to allow any individual developer or team to use a credit card to purchase Location Intelligence online. CMaps Analytics Lite allows individual developers to continuously build map analytics for a small monthly fee with no additional fees or licensing required. For publishing and distributing CMaps Analytics, we now offer a $399/month license geared toward organizations who are just getting started developing location analytics or require only a handful of users to access dashboard content. Available exclusively through CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards Licensing Page Moving to CMaps Plugin Bundles

While CMaps Analytics Lite provides the same plugin approach adopted by enterprises worldwide, moving CMaps Analytics Bundles does provide features, SLAs, and account management that you would expect. At any point you can simply upgrade to CMaps Plugin Bundles and receive credits toward your annual license.