New CMaps Analytics Security Guide Library

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Centigon Solutions since 2009 has been a premier provider of extensions that merge cloud services like Google Maps into on-premise analytics apps. The design, architecture, and development of our software considers not only simplicity and ease of deployment, but also considers customer data security, privacy, and up-time.

At this time, CMaps Analytics software’s architecture does not permit any business data, personal data, or corporate identifying information from being transmitted, replicated or stored on any Centigon Solutions cloud servers.

In addition, use of third party cloud software from Google Maps, TomTom, MapBox and any future maps vendors are configured do NOT gain access to your business data. In each of the product-specific security guides below, you can explore detailed security specifications and better understand how data is downloaded from respective cloud mapping services, along with additional security measures put in place to ensure your investments adhere to your strict corporate data security and privacy standards. Official Security Guides